jack and jill came tumblring down


Good morning.

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this is more than a disney show. 

Who made this GIFset and why did they change Mabel’s line in the second one?

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a sonic that works at sonic


this is a lot to take in all at once

An Open Letter to Aaron Diaz


Dear Aaron Diaz,

Over the past few days we’ve already exchanged some words about this. I reblogged Mary’s comic lampooning your comic (and others like it), expressing my approval of its message. I also subtweeted your work fairly obviously. We are friendly acquaintances and my behavior was…

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So some youtube “Anita Sarkeesian truthers” are trying to make a documentary about how she’s really manipulating the internet and scamming everyone of her supporters. I’m not linking to it because I ain’t signal boosting that crap, but I just want to rant about it for a bit.

Oh this thing. This…

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Worked with the amazing and talented Jin N’ Tonic today.  In the past, she has modeled for the figure drawing workshops that I run at Titmouse, and something told me she would do an amazing job of posing in a pinup/sexy/sultry style using my Yamaha FZ1 as a prop.  Jin rides as well, so she felt really comfortable pose along side of and on top of the FZ1.  I asked a favor of my good pal, Freddy to do the photography and he did it with just his ‘one shot’ digital camera.  It was a fun hour and here is a sample of some of the amazing shots we produced.

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