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Eat Me

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This is what happens when you try to eat beef jerky in a dog daycare






never forget that Darkstalkers had a hilariously bad Saturday morning cartoon

Which took the protagonists of the series and made them into the lead antagonists, and introduced a random new character with no roots in the games, at that.

I’m deeply fascinated by all the saturday morning cartoons that seemingly never made it over here and which seem like an utterly bizarre choice to try and make a saturday morning cartoon out of…

Like Savage Dragon, Wildcats and indeed Darkstalkers

I want to see them just to see how strange they were O.O

For some reason, I have retconned this show out of my mind.

Not doing that, again.

And Mortal Kombat. Don’t forget Mortal Kombat had a Sunday-morning cartoon on USA. 

And Rambo had a weekday series. As did Police Academy.

And Robocop had a Saturday morning series in the 80s and a daily animated series in the 90s.

Gosh, the 80s/90s were fun and weird. But mostly fun. 

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